Forbes: 9 Things You Need To Know About Turkey


Turkey is in a mess.

Its currency is in a tailspin and inflation is out of control.
There really is a lot going on so here are some important things to know.

Forbes: How Trumponomics Torpedoed Gold Prices


Gold's not been having a good year, and you can lay the blame at the door of Trumponomics. Read more here.

Forbes: Recession Signals From The Bond Market, A Phantom Menace


Some economists have caught a case of recession jitters all because of what is happening to the so-called yield curve.
But the case for an economic slowdown based on interest rates is flawed, new research shows. That's in part because the Federal Reserve is largely responsible for changes in the yield curve and at the same time, the Fed no longer has the power to shock the markets with its actions. Read more here.

Barron's: Wheat Will Rise On Bad Weather


Extreme weather is expected over the next 12 months and is likely to push up wheat prices to levels not seen since 2012. Read more here.

Korn Ferry: UAE’s Prime Minister to Bosses ==> Make Your Employees Happier

It doesn’t sound like something that would attract the attention of a country’s leader, at least not in countries where grumbling employees may be the norm. But when Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, recently heard that only 60% of employees in five government departments were satisfied with their jobs, he gave the managers of the departments new orders: Fix the problem in six months. Read more here.

Forbes: Another Worry For Investors In Turkey -- A NATO Split

As if a currency crisis alone wasn't enough, now investors in Turkey could have another thing to worry over.
The country could split from NATO as soon as the end of the year, according to a recent report. Read more here.

Forbes: Don't Blame Trump for Turkey's Woes

These past two days it would have been easy to get the impression that U.S. President Donald Trump is responsible for the currency crisis in Turkey.
Unfortunately, for Turkey, Trump is not the source of all their economic woes.
Overwhelmingly, the real problems are insane economic policies implemented under the rule of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. Read more here.

Barron's: Time to Buy the British Pound?


Paranoia over Brexit, the future of the British economy without Europe, has pummeled the British pound lately, taking it to levels not seen since last year.

However, the currency situation may not reflect the real strength in the British economy nor the historically uncanny ability of the European Union to reach eleventh-hour deals, and hat means there may be profits to be had for investors. Read more here.

Barron's: Gasoline Prices Expected to Level Off This Fall


The end of the U.S.’s summer driving season will remove some of the upward pressure on gas prices, though they won’t stray too far from recent levels through the fall. Read more here.