Forbes: Good, Fast, Cheap -- Worst Bosses Demand All Three

Part 14 of a continuing series, which outlines how you too can be an appalling manager. Read part 13 here.
It’s something of a economic law that you cannot get something which is good, fast, and cheap. Think for instance of the interior redecorating of your new home.
  • If it is fast and good, then it will not be cheap.
  • If it is good and cheap, then it will not be fast.
  • If it is cheap and fast, then it will not be good.
However, you can have any two items on that list. Good managers know this as surely as they know that they cannot expect to drink the finest champagne for the same price as a no-name soda. They make tradeoffs. They know that good things will either be expensive or take time.
That’s why as an aspiring “worst possible boss” you must insist, I repeat insist, that you have all three. Here's how.
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